For a multiple night stay, a deposit of 50% of the total charges is due at the time of booking. For a single night stay, the full amount is due at the time of booking. Any balance due will be charged in full at time of booking.


Block Island life is largely dictated by ferries and planes… and we have to adjust accordingly. While we understand that most of us work hard to arrive on island early and depart as late as possible - that does not always align with when you would like to check in or check out. We have a small, but mighty team who work as hard as possible to turn both slips and rooms over as quickly as possible; however your understanding and adherence to our schedule is sincerely appreciated. Room Check in time is at 4:00pm. Again, we will work hard to make that happen sooner if possible - but please be patient if we cannot. Room Check out time is at 11AM. Again - we know you might want to stay longer - but don’t forget - we often have someone ready to start their vacation right after you and so to ensure our team has enough time to prepare the room for the next guest, any departures after 11:15am will incur a $100 late-checkout fee.


The following specifications are based upon code and safety considerations based upon the room size and type. Any additional persons per room and or cot reservations must be made in advance of arrival. No cots will be provided if they are not reserved in advance. We consider a “person" to be any person over the age of four years. The specifications for each room type is as follows:

Single Queen Room: A maximum of two persons allowed and no cots allowed.

Double Queen Room: A maximum of four persons allowed with two persons per bed and no cots allowed.

Single King Room: A maximum of three persons allowed with two persons maximum per bed, one person in a cot. Additional cot is $100 per night.

King Suites: A maximum of five persons allowed with two persons maximum per bed, two persons maximum per pull-out couch and one person on a cot. Additional cot is $100 per night.


All cancellations are charged a fee equal to 10% of total stay. Cancellations made within 15 days of arrival will receive a refund minus the 10% cancellation fee. Any cancellations inside 14 days of arrival will forfeit entire deposit. No credits are given for early departures or no-shows.



At Champlin’s we love ALL dogs!

And we especially love that you have chosen to Champlin’s as you travel with your favorite companion! We want all our guests at Champlin’s to be safe and comfortable, so we do have a few guidelines for our four-legged guests.

BE SMART (you know what is best for your dog)

BE KIND (be considerate of others)As a guest of the hotel, we ask dog owners to follow these guidelines:

You believe your dog to be gentle, well behaved, and friendly around people and other dogs.

If you and Fido go exploring together, please hang the “My Dog Is Out Exploring (please clean my room)” sign on the door. We will be in to tidy up.

If you go exploring without your best friend, please place the “My Owner Is Out Exploring (please go away)” sign on the door. This informs Housekeeping to not disturb Fido’s nap.

If Fido voices his displeasure with you being out and about without him and this causes a disturbance to any other guests, you may incur additional charges (i.e., barking, howling, watching tv too loudly).

It’s hard to believe but not everyone loves dog kisses so please keep Fido on a leash at all times when in public areas.
Not all dogs like all people. If your dog catches a weird vibe from anyone and expresses bad behavior you may be asked to remove your dog from the hotel.

Poop and scoop laws apply, so please be sure to clean up after your dog. Supplies are available at the Front Desk and conveniently located throughout the property and at the Boat Dog park for your convenience.

If by chance your dog has an accident within the hotel, please let us know. There may be additional charges depending upon the accident and its impact on the room.

Please understand there will be a nightly pet fee of $65.00 for one pet and $95.00 for up to two pets. We welcome all well-mannered, disease free dogs and cats. No more than two pets may occupy each guestroom at any time.


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